Who We Are

Perspectivas360 was founded by Swiss photographer, Florian Kuster, in 2015. Florian specializes in architecture photography, 360˚ virtual photography and filming.

Florian lives with his wife and his two children in an ecological modern community one hour away from San José, Costa Rica.

His passion for photography arose back in 2007 during a three month pilgrimage from Switzerland to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It was the beauty of nature, the people, and medieval towns, several hundred years of age, which awoke the photographer within him.

In several years of traveling in Europe and the American Continent, he fine tuned his skills of observation and aesthetics, focusing on three key areas: people, places and wildlife.

With Perspectivas360 he has been able to create long lasting relationships with business owners from the hospitality, urban development, real estate and tourism industries by producing high quality visuals that beautifully market and communicate stories.

While P360 makes up a huge part of his professional endeavors and reputation, he is also a well known wildlife photographer who features his work on www.floriankuster.com and has been published in newspapers and magazines around the world, including National Geographic.

For Florian, photography is the art of conserving moments and emotions so that they can be shared with others and conserved over time.

Our Values




Passion and love for what we do

Warm human relationships with our clients

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